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Concordia university
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

I am a Mathematician by training, came across C++ decade ago in quantitative finance. Left programming for a decade for research in stochastic PDEs - equations perturbed by irregular random motion in time and space. I return to C++ at my second postdoc. I spent a decade teaching in universities, across various topics of mathematics, probability and statistics, data science, machine learning and data mining, quantum physics. My postdoc work is a mixture of engineering, graph theory and modern machine learning. I spent time designing network models for power engineers, studying deep learning architectures, developing new algorithms with aims to make traditional ML/DL intepretable, robust and efficient for the community. I use C++ as a main language for both my engineering and AI research. I hope to see a stronger future for C++ among the ML/AI community!

Besides work, I am a jogger and swimmer, love animals and nature.

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